For over 18 years ARC personnel have been providing research and consulting services to government entities throughout the country. Over 10 years have been specifically focused on issues related to the implementation and evaluation of DBE, MWBE and S/LBE programs.

We would like to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

We have specialized on identifying, evaluating, collecting and preparing data for analysis in Disparity or Availability studies. In addition to this, we have served as assistant project director, supervisor and trainer, and assisted on all aspects of these studies. Due to this extensive experience, there are many other tasks that ARC can perform for you that will assist you in the management of your program or study.

Key areas in which ARC can support you:

• Contract data evaluation with our ARC Contract Data Report Card ©.
• Pre-disparity study preparation of all relevant contract data.
• Overseeing and auditing disparity study contractor performance.
• Preparation of RFP/RFQ and/or process management for solicitation of a Disparity or Availability Study.
• Public outreach and stakeholder communications.
• DBE/SBE and M/WBE overall and project specific goal setting training with ARC Goal Setting Manual © and ARC Project Specific Goal Setting Worksheet ©.

Disparity analyses are time-consuming and expensive undertakings. We specialize in providing management support that can keep your efforts related to your DMWBE Program cost-effective and on-time.

Disparity/Availability studies are known for taking extended periods of time to complete. They are costly as well. We can help you streamline and economize the process of preparing for, soliciting and obtaining a Disparity or Availability study.

Contract data evaluation with our ARC Contract Data Report Card ©.
We promote proactive methodologies; that is, those that put necessary data in your hands before you solicit for a Disparity or Availability study. Our team can work with you to quickly and inexpensively evaluate the status of your contract data that will be needed for a Study. We will provide you with a detailed report about all relevant aspects of your contract data as well as an ARC Contract Data Report Card © that summarizes in an easy to read and understand format what data is needed and how yours measures up.

This will prove to be invaluable to you as you solicit for a Study; it will provide clear information that you can provide bidders about your data so that they can more accurately bid the project. More importantly, though, it will enable you to be a more informed consumer of these types of studies so that you can more clearly evaluate the proposals you do get.

Pre-disparity study preparation of all relevant contract data.
Our team can be of further assistance in regards to your contract data. We can put necessary data in your hands before a study is performed.

Consider the advantages of having your data collected and analyzed before a consultant is selected. We can identify the relevant data and prepare it for a study. You will be able to provide your consultant with complete contract data for them to use in their analysis – significantly reducing the time and cost of such a study.

Overseeing and auditing disparity study contractor performance.
ARC has extensive experience in managing all aspects of Disparity and Availability studies. Typically, when a government contracts with a firm to conduct a study, the government realizes after work has begun that there is a surprising amount of work that the government needs to do in order to be responsive to their consultant as well as trying to keep the firm on schedule. Commonly, the government does not have the resources to commit this significant amount of time to the project, and the project suffers – it quickly gets off schedule and is very hard to get it back on track.

We can be your liaison – we can manage the Study for you, keeping the project on schedule from the very beginning, obtaining and providing records or documents that your consultant needs, or identifying problems early on so that they can be addresses in a timely manner. Think of the value in having an experienced manager working for you to keep a study on schedule!

Preparation of RFP/RFQ and/or process management for solicitation of a Disparity or Availability Study.

ARC has participated or monitored hundreds of solicitations for Disparity or Availability studies. Ms. Stewart worked on the TRB report about Disparity studies, in particular on the section about RFPs and the process for soliciting for these studies. We have an extensive library of RFPs, RFQs and SOQs as well as proposals from many firms. 

Because of our particular work in this area, we can assist you with your solicitation process. We can work with you to design a RFP that will elicit exactly the information you need to make the best decision about a consultant by assisting you with developing easily measurable evaluation criteria. 

We can also help you with the process of receiving and evaluating entire proposals or focusing on compliance with AC/D/M/WBE goals and Good Faith Efforts requirements. 

Disparity and Availability studies are highly specialized reports that consist of a great deal of detailed tasks. Each consultant claims that their work is different, and better, than all the others. With such a specialized field, with its own “language” and processes, you will be in a better position to make the best decision for your agency if you have someone helping to clarify exactly what the methodological differences between firms are, how they are similar and what each methodology will likely include as actual deliverables and analyses. We can help you be a more informed consumer, with clearer understanding and expectations of your study consultant. 

Below are other areas ARC can assist you with:

Disparity study support services
Data Collection
Assessment of SB/DBE availability and capabilities
Assessment and implementation of contract compliance systems
Outreach/recruitment/identification of D/M/S/WBEs
Develop and implement outreach activities including open houses, advertisements, creating websites, and more
Maintain and develop community outreach
ACDBE and DBE certification reviews
Verify the small business certification
Comprehensive contract compliance monitoring, reporting, procedures and systems development
Unified Certification Program (UCP) - D/M/S/WBE certification application processing systems development
Desk/field audits and Commercially Useful Function (CUF) review
Certification program support – DBE. SBE, DVBE. MBE, WBE, etc.
Preparation of required federal reports on ACDBE/DBE achievements
Contract compliance reviews